Hello Parents!

Dear Parents,

     Are you worried about your son joining a fraternity  because of how they are portrayed in movies and the news? Well let us help!

Here at Phi Sigma Kappa we strive to better our members and we are nothing like Hollywood would have us portrayed. Have questions or doubts? Contact us! We'll be glad to answer any questions you have. Just head over to the "Contact Us" page located at the bottom of the page.

Benefits for Your Son

Phi Sigs volunteering at the local dog shelter

Phi Sigs receive suicide prevention certificates after attending a suicide prevention seminar hosted by AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)




Phi Upsilon  Chapier

Phi Upsilon Chapter

  • We require community service. Each member must complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service each semester.
  • We require your son to be a part of another organization on campus to keep them involved in campus life outside of Greek life.
  • Worried about finances? Don't be! Living in the house can actually be much more affordable than on campus housing options.
  • Think your son will have too much time to get himself into trouble? We've got you covered. Events are constantly planned, attended, or even run by fraternity members to keep your son on his feet.
  • Will this impact my sons grades? Well the GPA of all fraternity members last year averaged higher than non-fraternity students on campus.
  • Worried about old hazing shenanigans? Phi Sigma Kappa has a strict no hazing policy. We're here to better your son not to play pranks on him.
  • Phi Sigs are united nationally by the three cardinal virtues of the stimulation of Scholarship, the promotion of Brotherhood, and the development of Character. Phi Sigma Kappa will allow for your son to develop all three of these while their academic pursuits remain the first and foremost of their time at Valparaiso.
  • MORE QUESTIONS? That's okay. E-mail the president of the fraternity himself! Refer to the "Contact Us" page.